Folk and kin bring you three spring time Lightroom mobile presets that are inspired by the beauty of nature and the essence of spring. Note - These presets will only work for Lightroom mobile and not for desktop. 



Is full of deep tones, heavy blacks and low contrast with a dreamy feel. Swift is best used for outdoor imagery and works its finest in cloudy conditions. However, it works beautifully in bright sunlight too. The Swift creates wonderful crisp, verdent greens and brings freshness to your images. The softness is ideal for portraits.


But when eve shines lowly, And the light is thinned, And the moon slides slowly Down the far-off wind, Oh, then to be of all the birds the Swift! To flit through ether, with elves winging, Drawn up western fires, in frenzy singing, Along the breeze to lean and poise and drift!



Darker tones and higher contrast, the Wren is wonderful for landscapes and nature imagery. Texture is maintained, ensuring all the magial details are sharp. 


A tidy wren, tiny apron on,
spot-checks the garden.

Not a speck –
she’s gone.



High contrast with raised whites gives this black & white preset a punchy feel. Clarity is increased giving the image a sharp and clean feel whilst still maintainting a cinematic look.


He comes on chosen evenings,
My blackbird bountiful, and sings
Over the garden of the town
Just at the hour the sun goes down.
His flight across the chimneys thick,
By some divine arithmetic,
Comes to his customary stack,
And couches there his plumage black,
And there he lifts his yellow bill,
Kindled against the sunset, till
These suburbs are like Dymock woods
Where music has her solitudes,
And while he mocks the winter's wrong
Rapt on his pinnacle of song,
Figured above our garden plots
Those are celestial chimney-pots.




You will also find the instructions for the desktop preset installation in the files. if you have any questions at all, please drop me an email.  


Thank you so much


Love Gem x

Folk and Kin - Mobile Presets